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a tiros en una calle. ansaciable sed de matar, los un@ asesinos serie han plagado la historia.union >> la gente... no los ve como humanos, me entiendes? >> justamente son estas mujeres que ofrecen su cuerpo a cambio de dinero, una presa fÁcil y apetecida para seres trastornados. dice que estÁ sumida en el terror al saber que h@h@univise >> me da temor. no sÓlo temor, me da rabia. >> en el desolado paraje las autoridades han encontrado desde diciembre pasado los restos de ocho cuerpos, inicialmente identificaron cuatro mujeres entre 24 y 27 aÑos con un comÚn denominador: >> eran prostitutas. ofrecÍan sus servicios de acompaÑantes. parece h@univisionpi extrah@h@u univun retn del sospechoso. >> cuÁl serÍa el perfil de este hombre? >> blanco, entre 25 y 40 aÑos de edad. contratista, jardicero. jardinero. estas personas son como tÚ y yo hasta que algo en su mente dice: tengo que matar otra vez. >> pero algunas piezas no encajaban. entre las otras vÍctimas se encontraba el cuerpo de un primh@univisionpi extrah@h@univ@ h@cÁmaras de segud imposible detectar a sospechoso. estas tÁcti
indic.noct.univisionnot uni-o >> muchas gracias por esta informaciÓn, seguimos hablando de cosas que sed.nocen en univi detenidos por t.univisionnot un ed.noct.univisionnot uni-ed.noÉ oct.univisionnot uni-ed.noct.un aÚn se desconoce si estaban armados y que los motivos de cruzar de manera indebida la frontera. >> autoridades mexicanas informaron de una balacera durante un intento de fuga. murieron 17 reos. segÚn un vocero de la alcaldÍa, los internos desarmaron a guardias y carcelarios. durante isioÁs not uni-ed.noct.univisio. no se pudo explicar la presencia femenina. >> la poblaciÓn en california habrÍa disminuido por las deportaciones. lo que es una realidad es que esta poblaciÓn es parte importante en la economÍa del estado.univisionnot uni-ed.noct. >> los indocumentados estÁn por todos los rincones de california. un estudio nos seÑala como un pilar importante de la economÍa del estado. industrias como la construcciÓn y servicios serÍan seriamente afectados en su participaciÓn cuando >> a veces, nos cierran las puertas. los problemas de aquÍ. porque desgraciadamente,
the world on board. thealtianwod like a new state comprising the west nkndazstp sed on the borders before the war in 1967. the borders are far from the only issue to be rold. the future of israeli settlements is a bone of ntti awe as the future status of jerusalemnd wth palestinian refugees should be allowed to return to their foerom. more than half of the member stesav snad support for a vote on statehood. many african nations are lining up support. se european members might come on board perhaps including scandinavian countries and france. germany sayhath wlot offer their support. they said a u.n.oto recognize palestine would be counterproductive. >> is the good will is there on both sides, it is possibleo get the peace process moving. this would be bteha unilateral measures which do not helped. >> barackba has also warned against a unilateral declaration ndependence. >> the efforts to delegimize efforts will end in failure. syol actions to isolate israel will not create independent state. >> obama ppts facing a future state on the 1967 borders. this has angered israel. at the sameimoba
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>tomar agua varias veces al dia y sin esperar tener sed es beneficioso no solo para la piel y para el sistema renal, tambien para las funciones de todos los organos y sistemas del cuerpo entre ellos, el metabolismo. dos elementos que quiero que tome en cuenta. = el agua del grifo se puede beber debido a que en estados unidos el agua esta tratada bajo regulaciones gubernamentales. = si deja una botella de agua en el auto y se calienta por el calor del sol, no laconsl dea sienolor a plastico y sabor a plastico, los estudios mas recientes han demostrado que el calor produce que el plastico transmita s> odaviauste tiene70 por ciento de su cuerpo esta basado en agua (on cam) en el tour de francia, lo joya del ciclismo mundial, andy schleck gano hoy la decimo-octava etapa tras una formidable fuga en solitario en los alpes y quedo bien acomodado para ganar la carrera que terminara el domingo en paris...mientras tanto, las aspiraciones del espanol alberto contador de ganar el tour por cuarta vez practicamente se esfumaron tras perde
-and- a-half million dollars had been sed to cover other pxpenses....not spelled out in the cootract. (9:33:41) "if you're gonna change the scope of a project there'' a syssem in place to changeethe scooe of the project..." the audit also revvals how one company bidding ffr work here at tte s-h-a....was being solicited for charitable funds by an sha manager. and in anotherrcase, an sha a firm which he'd help procure a 16-million dollar project.. (9:51:38) "those two pmployees have eft....we want other people to understand these are very serious viioations and employees don't get to choose whether they follow those rules." the audit comes just hours after neil, pederssn stepped down as the sha administrator.... leaving the agency witt a &pstring of unanswered queetions.... jefffabell, ffx 45, newssat ten. auditoos have orwarded their findingssto theestate pttorney enerals office to violations.ible criminal ourrquestion of the day. we asked if you have ccnfidenne in the way tate government contracts are aaarddd? awarded?nathan general, there is
at $70000,000. now, starting bid is 169,000seds just one example of the 150 properties to be sold on saturday. >> the proevrts here come with a title and everybody been through the foreclosure process. >> trent is with, claiming it's events are different from foreclosure auction that's occur on the court house steps. events often dom fate bid professional investor autos is this a regular person to buy a house? >> that is the wonderful thing. you can see everybody from investors to folks looking to move up or down. >> the process, is it a good place to go to get a house? >> is a wonderful opportunity for buyers for them to participate in the auction. and to get a wonderful home in a great value. >> there is an undisclosed amount 6 money the bank will accept. but this realtor warns buyers auctions aren't always as they appear. >> what people don't realize as they're bidding is that they have no idea what the bid number s if you win the bid, you win the auction doesn't mean you get the purchase. i believe it's disclosed that that is representing the bank tryin
captured the third sed, but djokovic would not be deniesmed championship. and nadal's return is long and it's over. djokovic captures his first wimbledon title. it's his fifth straight victory over nadal this year. >>> the final round of the at&t national began with sacramento's nick watney and rickie fowler tied for the lead. on this fourth of july weekend, time to wear the red, white and blue. for fowler, it was this hideous orange he wears in honor of his alma mater, oklahoma state. fowler's game just as ugly. finished nine strokes back. k.j. choi was tied with watney. but watney would pull away to win on 16. this long putt nearly goes in for eagle. taps in with birdie. then the par on 18. finished up with a 66. good for a two-stroke victory over choi. watney's second win of the year. how about that fouler and his clothes. need the sunglasses for us. >> alan: especially since we're texas longhorns. >>> transformers make a big show at >> alan: the third installment of the traps formers series set a new weekend record. it took in $97 million in its first weekend. the sci-fi flick broke a w
amendment because this is the way we can get a debt ceiling. past. sed. passed. >> you believe that if all sides stick to their guns that the debt ceiling is not raised and there will be a crisis. ? >> i would rather have -- the preferred route is to put in place the things that avoid a problem on august 2. and also put us on a path where we avoid a bigger problem coming in two-three years. that is the best route to take. if we're going to just raise the debt ceiling to avoid the first war problem, and not put in place that things that cause the bigger problem, that i would rather deal with whatever crisis is in the bond market now versus just kicking the can down the road knowing we will have a big problem in two-three years. to me, that is the most important. keep your eye on the ball. whether it is david walker talking 40, is across the country saying that we will have a greek-style debt crisis in the next two-three years if we don't put in place the right kind of things. to me, that is the most important thing. if that means we have to have concerns now, i think it is better to have th
downstream for their bodies --er in sed river downstream for their bodies. witnesses fell from the falls after ignoring warning signs to pose for photographs. >>> the denny lynn sank during the cliffhouse during the july 4th weekend. it took a while to get it out. >>> arson investigators in mountain view are now reviewing surveillance video from a u- haul facility. it's located off el camino real and highway 237. they hope the video will provide clues as to how an early-morning fire started. in this report, tara moriarty explains the owner believes he knows who is to blame. >> reporter: flames broke out at this lot where flames are stored, forcing two dozen people to be evacuated. >> my brother lives down the street. the first thought was to get him out. >> reporter: no one was hurt but the crews had a tough time getting to the flames. they had to cut a hole in the fence. >> the accident was a definite difficulty for us, we had to stretch multiple two and a half inches lines to get back. >> reporter: they couldn't get through the entrance, it was blocked by the trucks parked their on pur
're 100 we're going to be 102 and into -- here'sed from at 102; is the, $100 degrees and the heat index values will be about 105 to 115 degrees and on is the and sunday, there is that chance for a couple of thunderstorms, too and may help us out a bit and to make it cooler. 99 for fredericksburg and hanging on to the 100 degrees for win chester. last hour, martinsburg, was 100 degrees, too, and lay on the heat index values for you. 109 and that is down from 112 in the city last hour. gaithersburg, the cool spot and that is at 103; frederick, 106; baltimore is 108 and around the bay, where it's typically storms cooler in this type of situation, they still have the hot index values. where do you go to find escape from the heat? you have to go south because the heat index values down here not as bad. the heat warnings are posted back out to the west of the midwest and as we fly you back over to the east coast and in the mid-atlantic here. the excessive heat and that is hot all up and down the northeast corridors for tomorrow again and we're going to set at 102 degrees in the city. we're go
of thehi-sed system. it has contradicted its claims and heightened public distrust. sere criticism has been streaming in on chinese websites denouncing the government for championing its ghpe rl t world's best. it was dismissed as a laughing stock. the accent is also expected to affect the chinese government's stride to export its rail technology. the chinese government says chinese trains are the world's fastt. chin haslso emphasized the low cost of its rail technology and undercut offerings from japan and other nations. saturday's disaster deals a serious blow to china. countries concerning high-speed rails -- not just performance and cost but also safety. will the chinese government be able to ease public discrust with its investigation? its own people as well as the rest of the world are closely watching. michitika yamaka, beijing. >>> earlier, gene otani spoke to a railway system expert. >> translator: thank you for joining us today, professor. the chinese railway ministry says that the train control system may have malfunctioned due to a lightning strike. and in the chinese train oper
went horribly wrong. >>> and not a laughing matter sed it makes ahi g how the country's economic woes are being explained via rap. >>> first he went awol and now a soldier is accused of planning a terror attack on a military base. 21-year-old nasser abdu in a hotel near fort hood, texas, with weapons and showives stashed in the room. he refused to deploy to afghanistan because of his religious beliefs and applied for a discharge as a conscientious object. >> if you feel that being in the military, violates your conscience, use this army regulation because that's what it's here for. >> abdu went awol after he was charged with possessing child pornography. he said he wanted to attack fellow soldiers outside fort hood. this is the same military base were 13 people were killed in a 2009 shooting spree. >>> a street party today for lady gaga put on by jimmy kimmel has los angeles police very nervous. a riot broke out the other day for a similar event. a dejay tweeted he was holding a block party and it got out of hand and police had to arrest several people. lady gaga's concert will go on
sacrifices. it is sed to raise the debt limit by about $1 trillion while leaving the door open to further cuts. >> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. if that is not possible i and my republican colleagues in the house are prepared to move on our own. >> a short-term extension of the debt ceiling is going to jeopardize our economy. at a time when the global economy is so weak when we are facing a downgrade of america's credit rating they have warned us not to do it and speaker boehner is ignoring that warning. >> in an unusual move the president met with senate majority leader harry reid and nancy pelosi at the white house sunday. reid's plan is said to increase the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion and reduce spending by slightly more. the measure will not include higher taxes and prevent the debt ceiling from being an issue again. >> probably at the 23rd and a half hour. >> we may see specifics on the boehner plan as early as monday morning but already senator reid, the senate majority leader has tweet
antes obtener la sed de los juegos. >> nitza: otra pausa y luego regresamos con segmento de su dinero, donde economiistas atacan y defienden el plan del presidente barack obama, ya volvemos. ♪ >> nitza: el alto crecimiento de la cámara economía en estados unidos, ha generado pesimismo, dos reconocidos mm economiistas se han enfrentado en televisión, atacando uno y defendiendo el otro el plan económico del presidente barack obama, vamos a ver la explicación de este programa. >> muchas racias, las malas noticias sobre la desaceleración de la economía de estados unidos, han generado una ola de pesimismo en ambos lados del espectro político, el crecimiento de 1.8 por ciento del primer trimestre y la creación en mayo de apenas 54 mil nuevos empleos no agrícolas, se reflejó en la manufactura, también continúó la caida de precios y viviendas así como los asalarios reales y los precios realeso. el profesore, escribió un artículo de opinión, diciendo que la economía está peor de los que usted piensa. el profesor culpa al presidente barack obama por lo que describe como el
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was not raised by ms. anthony's lawyers. they correctly challenged the state'sed of but again expert witnesses, fbi people testified there was chloroform in ms. anthony's car along with a hair that matched those at the death site. the jury chose not to believe the experts. why? that combined with casey anthony's bizarre behavior, actions no innocent person would ever have taken, should have sealed her fate. the casey anthony verdict is a dark, dark day in american history, no question. and that is the memo. top story tonight, what about american juries? are they changing? with us now, criminal defense attorney jennifer berringer and anna seeg tha sigga-nicolazz gw we are seeing some things that have to do with the casey anthony case and some don't. jurors want different types of evidence. is the days of all of the crime shows on television. we have what lawyers call the csi effect. cases on television proven by laser beam trajectories and the specific typeface on a computer. laser beam recognition that can prove beyond all doubt without any possibility this is the person. that is not real but
:32 que estas personas no se queden riendo de todo lo que han hecho, no por una sed de venganza senorita pero por justicia 10:39 21:32 ya estoy fortalecido porque ya se esta haciendo justicia, sino habria sido otro problema 21:45 esta joven madre estaba a dos semanas de celebrar su cumpleanos numero 22...dejo un pequeno de dos anos y medio, alejandro josue villa, de quien esta a cargo la abuela paterna. 1:01 esta muy chico mi nino para que sepa esta tragedia que ya no esta mas su mama 1:06 pilar nino el entierro de monica sera manana, la misa empieza a las diez de la manana en la iglesia santa elizabeth de oakland...pilar nino telemundo. take sot - animated open cu --buenas noches les saluda blanca garza, gracias por acompaÑarnos . cu ---la policia de los angeles informo que ha detenido a dos personas como sospechosas de haber golpeado al fanatico de los gigantes, bryan stow en el estadio de los dodgers... take vo ---medios en los angeles estarian asegurando que los detenidos son una mujer y un hombre. ---ante esto, los investigadores han exhonerado a giovanni ramirez como responsable d
sed de fútbol. atención a esta jugada. rebote terminaba en el fondo de la portería uruguaya. beausejour sacaba disparo dejaba noticias en la portería charrua. perú desperdicio muchas oportunidades. y Álvaro pereira. anotaba el gol para la selección uruguaya y más tarde. atención. beausejour con alexis sánchez, se ni en las filas de cobreloa. y enfrentara a paraguay y en telefutura venezuela ante la selección de todos los ecuatorianos. buenas noticias para memo ochoa. sinha masa rodríguez. benítez y dueñas. de darn abs vueltos del caso doping. y según alfonso. murió al caer en el segundo piso en el estadio anoche. con la casa llena. en la primera en teatro apoloed. gabo rn 8 por 5. la federación mexicana de fútbol. entre méxico y uruguay. en el monumental estadio azteca es lo que tenemos en el mundo de los deportes les deseamos feliz noche. la fundación robert agudo johnson. 2/3 de los adultos y un tercio de los niños y adolescentes tienen sobrepeso o ub cide. por séptimo año consecutivo mississippi tiene más sobrepeso. están en el sur. las personas más
trabajo 19:29 10:32 que estas personas no se queden riendo de todo lo que han hecho, no por una sed de venganza senorita pero por justicia 10:39 21:32 ya estoy fortalecido porque ya se esta haciendo justicia, sino habria sido otro problema 21:45 esta joven madre estaba a dos semanas de celebrar su cumpleanos numero 22...dejo un pequeno de dos anos y medio, alejandro josue villa, de quien esta a cargo la abuela paterna. 1:01 esta muy chico mi nino para que sepa esta tragedia que ya no esta mas su mama 1:06 pilar nino el entierro de monica sera manana, la misa empieza a las diez de la manana en la iglesia santa elizabeth de oakland...pilar nino telemundo. roll open top vo ---un presunto ladron que disparo contra agentes del orden de union city esta manana, es buscado por decenas de agentes en estos momentos entre las calles darlene way y jean drive... ---la policia pide a los habitantes de esa parte de union city a permenecer en sus hogares hasta previo aviso.. cu ---funcionarios del bart, take vo ---mostraron esta tarde imagenes de vigilancia del anden del dia en que uno de sus agentes
. 87 in fremont and out over the hills. mid-90sed to there. it will be warmer tomorrow. down by the monterey bay there's a few patches of clouds this morning and that will linger offshore. monterey staying comfortable at 69 and 89 hollister. here's the accuweather forecast. heat advisory today, tomorrow. monday pretty much almost as hot but maybe a better sea breeze out there. we are expecting a better sea breeze. you see what happens tuesday. back to some very strong heat. then we are going to cool off a little bit. for once our heat wave not going away after a day or two. >> thanks a lot. more torture for a giants game where a game where brian wilson threw a tantrum in the dugout. what set him off? he did. here's sports. >> a two game losing streak to detroit to mace the american league tigers. and they put us through or seemingly daily dose of torture. the top of five scoreless. sandoval drills one into the left center gap. that will score aaron rowand and the giants go up is 11-06789 bum gartner was dealing. and one of his nine in the 7 shutout innings but he wouldn't get
. >> you just heard nanny but not zany which is known to be xanax which is a sedative. the last time you heard from her was the week before. did you get a phone call from her? >> yeah, it was really weird. i woke up around 9ish in the morning and i had a miss call from her probably around 2:po in the morning. i walk to do my buddy's room. he was my roommate and she was all over the news. >> you got a call at 2:30 that morning? >> the morning before she was arrested. >> and did you call her back? >> i tried but it just range busy. >> after that you realize she is arrested. what's the first thing that you think? >> to be honest with you i really felt the child was missing. someone had taken her. >> once she was arrested did you go to jail and say -- >> no. i tried to stay away from her to be honest. >> you were one of her best friends. >> it was not my place to go and be on tv and to the jail. >> you said you knew her for 10 years. that means you went to her house when she was living at home? what was it like in the anthony home? >> pretty normal. went to first and second birthday. good pe
manslaughter for allegedly administering a fatal dose of sedatives to the late pop star before he died. today one of his attorneys asked a los angeles judge to sequester the jury to prevent them from watching media coverage of this case. the attorney referred to the casey anthony trial in florida. the judge said the courts could only sequester the panel during the day. the trial is expected to start in september. >>> still ahead on news4, it was a thrill and scare of a lifetime that a texas man will never forget. >>> a texas woman wanted to help her fiance overcome his fear of height, so she took him on a bungee ride monday night. one major problem here. the cables got tangled and they got stuck, dangling up there for three hours. nbc's suze solis reports. >> we just went for a fun ride, and it turned out to be the worst ride of my life. >> 23-year-old william monseta was trying to conquer a fear of heights. >> i thought we're going to do this, it's going to be over with in less than 60 seconds, no problem. >> reporter: this is youtube video of how it's supposed to operate. much like a giant
the fords lived. see what they left behind when they moved into the white house next. >>> today'sed if is brought to you by your local -- today's' five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. r r lt [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. >>> the white house announced first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral for betty ford. the former first lady died friday in california at the age of 93. before the ford family moved to the white house they lived in a home in alexandria. as fox 5's allison seymour shows us, mrs. ford never forgot the brick house where she raised her childr
for injured giants fan bryan stow. his family says briewas sed -- bryan was scheduled to have a shunt in his head to relieve pressure but his fever went up. bryan stow remains in serious condition. three months after being beaten outside of dodgers stadium. >>> if you are planning to drive this fourth of july holiday weekend, chp officers will be watching you. they will be out in full force as part of this weekends maximum enforcement period. coming up at 6:45 we will tell you about the violators they will be looking for. not just drunk drivers and the changes going into effect today. >>> sal is watching the commute along with the chp. >> good morning, traffic is moving along realtively well if you are driving around the bay area right now. let's go outside and take a look at westbound bay bridge approach. it's not a typical commute day. it's lighter than normal and you should have a pretty decent drive into san francisco. also this morning if you are driving on westbound 92 it looks good over to highway 101. also the dumbarton bridge is looking good to east pal low alto. 280 northbound and
down who is he says sed to have a mental capacity of a six or seven-year-old after he expressed an interest to travel to hollywood to meet tv stars. they were waiting when he got off that bus. they will return with him this morning. no charges have been filed but detectives say the case remains under investigation right now two astronauts are on the final spacewalk of the shuttle. let's go to outerspace live, pictures are from nasa tv, they are retrieving a broken ammonia pump outside the international space station. this is the final shuttle flight. two spacewalkers who are part of the station crew will also install a robotic experiment on the 245 mile out post. nasa added an extra day to the mission, it is now set to come back to earth on july 21. >> weather down here, as you can see behind me, overcast and it's going to be lingering longer. >> how much longer, mike? >> i think the coldest days are still ahead of us. this low will drop down the coast and bring the cooler weather with it. today you are seeing the low clouds, drizzle and have that the next couple of mornings. it
south boston from 20-years ago. chloroform is the cheap pimp sedative of choice. if you just think about who uses chloroform on children it's cheap pimps trying to make pictures with their kid, sedate them, chloroform by the way acts as a nice am necessary tick so the kids can't tell when they come out of this. does it have something to do with sex and porn? was she pimping her kid. there's a lot of stuff in this case that has to do with sex we haven't heard much about? why do i think she is been acquitted because this case is not about the truth. each side today was pointing a finger at the other they're case is a fantasy, the whole dam trial is a fantasy. do not believe she killed her child. i believe someone did kill her child. she was afraid to tell. she stayed quiet for 30-days because she believed she would get her child back. remember, geraldo, she texted her friend, she said i smell a rotting animal in my car. >> not only did i peg you wrong on your thesis, but i think what you have proposed is far fetched, powerful and provocative though it may be, i don't know and i don't think
election. >> what game do the house democrats play now given that they've been margin alzheimer'sed by the action bag -- marginalized by the house caucus as well as what's happening in the senate? >> at this point the house gunmens it will be a victory for them if social security, medicaid and medicare don't get touched, if you go with the mcconnell plan the debt limit goes up and you don't have to cut government. this is why conservatives especially folks in the tea party, house republicans are upset over this. they've been pushing for hundreds of billions even trillions in cuts for months now. suddenly the senate republican leader says i've got this other nifty back up plan that would get us all off the hook on there. you can tell why conservatives are mad this does not require deep cuts in government. >> okay, thank you very much. and betty ford's casket is now on its way from california to grand rapids, michigan. she will be laid to rest tomorrow. that will be her husband gerald ford's birthday he would have been 98. michelle obama and three former first ladies along with former
sedative. today the judge said the video is valuable to sony pictures and did not believe it showed jackson as unhealthy as murray's lawyers contended. murr murray's trial is set to start september 8th. >>> actor steve carell is already busy with a new project. >> we love him. here's access hollywood's billy bush with more on the story. >> reporter: hey, washington, it's a fact that ever since leaving "the office" steve carell has been acting like a big baby. >> ahhh! >> somebody give that man a bottle. >> see mommy. see mommy. >> ahh! >> reporter: steve carell goes gaga in august, and we've got the behind the scenes of the funny photo shoot as carell throws a serious temper tantrum. but it turns out the crazy super love star had too much fun. >> it was fun to put on a onesie, fun to have a crib that was just my size again, and to really be able to unleash all of the pent-up emotion that a grown man is never able to let go of. ♪ >> reporter: also, jesse eisenberg takes one for the gq team as he repeatedly gets barraged by exploding bowls of cereal, and kim jong isn't afraid of the flash,
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murray. he's accused of overprescribing jackson with the powerful sedative, propofol. >>> the '90s are making a comeback on nickelodeon. >> they're bringing back several teen nick classics. starting this week, you can flip on "hey dude," "clarissa" and "rugrats." >> my school was a little older than that. that's old school, but then there's very old school. >>> coming up, the move mcdonald's made to make happy meals healthier for kids. >>> customers are outraged after learning that an appl >>> mcdonald's happy meals are going to become healthy meals. starting next year, a half order of apples will be added to the meals along with a half order of fries. michelle obama an advocate against childhood obesity, called this a positive step. the fast food eatery is also launching a mobil app that has nutrition information. the changes are all part of a new program. it reduces sugars, saturated fats and calories by the year 2020. >>> now let's check out today's daily deal. more than 3,000 people have already bought a deal from sushico in chevy chase. $20 buys you $40 of food. >> this is you
conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> anne had a book party launching her new book he'sed boy the heritage foundation. to find out more, visit ann will be abooktv guest on sunday, august 7 for thee hours beginning noon eastern taking e-mail questions and calls and tweets. ♪ >> coming up next, booktv presents "after words," and hour long program where we invite guest hosts to interview authors. this week charles hill discusses his latest book, "trial of a thousand years," and in it he provides a perspective on islam analyzing what he calls its long war against the international state system. he identifies several areas claiming islamists are at odds with the rest of the world including their belief of the role of state law and the role of women. he discusses his analysis with david, foreign affairs columnist with the "washington post." >> host: i'm david, the columnist for the "washington post." i'm here today to interview charles hill author of "trial of a thousand years, world order and islamism." very interesting book, and we're going to try to draw out some of the them
never supported that when was 23 was in the sed i actually introduced it. what he is trying to do, bill -- >> bill: explain that because that is fascinating to me. you introduced what? that he he opposed? exactly what? >> didn't support. republicans myself included when i was in the house and since i have been in the senate a tax reform proposal that creates a low flat corporate rate as well as a low flat rate for personal income. we have never been able to get democrats to suspects the port this. >> you wanted to close corporate loopholes like ge not paying any tax because they have their money parked overseas in return for a lower tax rate but a flat rate, a flat tax. >> right. >> that would put revenue into the federal system. so that is what you introduced and you were behind and you say that then senator obama didn't support that, is that, correct? >> no. and as far as i know, he never supported any tax reform proposal that would have done what he is saying to do now and i don't think you going to find a democrat who has done that. i may be wrong on that but i have been working on
tomorrow and we bottom out tuesday, wednesday. try to recover the end of the work week. i hiv and a.i.d.sed at a warming trend. it looks that way. so we have that to look forward to. >> but a little bit chilly out there at the game tonight? >> yeah. >> all right. there was a time when a tree that had to be taken down in your yard was good for nothing but firewood. now green carpenters are coveting the urban wood and finding more useful purposes for it. here's dan ashley. >> this tree in oakland has to be cut down because it was undermining a retaining wall. tree trimmers will take it apart and chip the branches to be used for mulch. but the biggest parts of the tree will be spared from the firewood pile end and up at the oakland lumber yard. >> the tree is like opening up a novel. there is stuff inside that you don't expect and you learn about. >> master carpenter, paul, sees the beauty in this urban wood. he owns joinery structures. they take trees from urban settings, ages the wood, and then mills it. the resulting timber will be turned into homes, furniture and restaurants. >> all this w
. let's make a plan. >>> i'm milissa rehberger. here'sed what happening. jury deliberations wrapped up half an hour ago in the casey anthony trial. >>> and the crew of shuttle "atlantis" arrived in kennedy space center for nasa's latest shuttle mission. four astronauts will bring supplies to the senate space station after liftoff this friday. >>> back to our program. >>> due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. ♪ oh how i've waited for so long ♪ >> let them go! >>> sergeant sandoval has been employed at pnm since 1975. from the riot in 1980 to kinslow's 1987 escape, he's seen it all. and he's no stranger to life-and-death situations. >> we're transferring inmates to texas to make room because we are so overcrowded. he walked into the office. the inmate had his hands in his pockets. he had his head down and started talking about, you know, he didn't want to go to texas. if he went to texas, that he was going to hurt somebody. when he said that, the lieutenant was sitting right here next to him, female. i looked at her. i told her get out. just get out. i didn't sa
/o)half offthose who sed deepp-issue massage or yoga found they helped a lot for osteoarthritis. the -3survey results indicatee that both were almoot on par with prescription medicatioo. but national reseaach center survey, alternative treatmentt were not found to be as 3 medical conditions.take depressioo. yoga or meditatioon & helped about 35 percent. in -3 contrast, 70 percent of those using ppescriptioo medication 3 (v/o)and as for colds, flu, -3& and allergies? prescciptton meds were deemee much more & helpful than nutrrtional sspplementsslikk vitamin c. ((oo ccm))so alternative treatment in some cases may 3 advises checking with your &pdoctor first. pat news at ten 3 one would be more hard-pressed &pto remember a more dramaaic day in baltimore footballl you've heardd the lookout ended today...the new cba ccmes with a salary cap..the ravens didn't have & much space uuder it...afttr this evening, they have a lot of space...maybe ssmuch as 24 get there, four big name players haav been eleased.. released.. 3 and that includes the top tw
phoenix to colorado when she grabbed auntie'sed the breast of a tsa agent. the 61-year-old woman was immediately arrested. she is a freak flyer and faces sexual assault charges. >>> feeding the hungry one donation at a time. wjz is proud to team up with the orioles and the maryland food bank for our annual food drive. we've been out there all weekend, there is still time to go out and to donate. sharon gibala is there with a special guest, this guest actually talks, does she? >> she does, she is from the maryland food bank. we are at camden yards, it's a gorgeous day for a game. come on out. i'm sure you can still get tickets and you can definitely help out as well. it is the 25th year that they have had this food drive for the maryland food bank and wjz is a proud partner with the orioles wives for it. good morning, mandy. >> how are you doing? >> we're doing great. how is it going? it's been a great turnout, marylanders stepped up to help out. we have one more day of the orioles wives food drive, we're hoping that another good turnout. >> tell us about the need for maryland foo
of late, primarily video seraph'sed including -- surfaced including searches on very young children, people over the age of 90 but tsa said we cannot exclude anybody it is our job to protect the flying public, and they are defending their actions they will have a chance to defend their actions in a much more public forum that gets under way in the form of a house committee hearing scheduled for 9:30 a.m. this morning reporting live from dulles international airport, back to you. >>> for more on the airport security issue and discussion that the fixation terrorists have with our security, we bring in jj green national security correspondent for wtop radio. good morning. >> as we report this story, and these hearings today, you have news that you say terrorists are indeed almost obsessed fixated with specific locations and security. >> this is one of the stated goals of al qaeda and has been since the early 90s, the last thing that most folks heard that sort of raised the eyebrows was the situation where there was a man who basically had been hording boarding passes that were not his
and sun flowers near a basement window and took a tumble. vets gave the horse sedatives to keep it calm while sheriff's deputies and fire crews went on to work on an escape route. the horse eventually walked out of the horse on her own of course, of course. after all of that suffered only a few minor scratches. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. today one of the most powerful media executives on the planet sat in a room in london and answered questions about a scandal that has rocked his empire. he is the news corps chairman and ceo rupert murdoch and his son james, the company's deputy chief operating officer spending nearly three hours testifying before a committee of british lawmakers. news corps owns the fox news channel and many other media properties. and today's hearing was all about the phone hacking scandal at great britain's news of the world tabloid. a controversy that's getting attention around the world but newspaper staffers first planted the seeds of this scandal nearly six years ago our senior correspon
not have a favorable outlook by 54% to run for president of france. >> the powerful sedative barbotal is regularly used for used to treat severe forms of epilepsy. prisons are using this as part of the lethal combination. other drugs were tolp --prisons will have to sign a release that it will not use that powerful thatbarbotal, the folethal combination. >> a ronald reagan statue commissioned by the reagan memorial trust fund. images of former president fdr and twice in o and the white eisenhr also commissioned for the future? >>jacqueline: " weather coming up. all coming out >>pam: a new device helping you keep your grill safe the igrill gabe slate's tech report. >>gabe: new gadget to show you is called the igrill using perfection with your iphone. >> this gadget sets on or near your quarrel. it communicates with your ipod near your grill. this is a free application. you can even be away from the coral. you're able to choose what your cooking. rare, medium, and this device has a chord with a special thermometer. to put this into the item your cooking and keep you updated. sit back, r
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